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Hebei Junxiang Auto Spare Parts Co.,Ltd located in Qinghe County, Xingtai City, Hebei province since1990.Transfer into Junxiang group from shabby workshop,open the continuous development of products Today, Junxiang group has formed a development strategy based on serving china and serving the world and has established an export-oriented and local-based development with more than 100 importers from various countries and regions and a number of OEM customers around the world multi-level and diversified cooperation to provide customers with automotive, motorcycle,truck,machinery control cables,to solve the global customers on the chassis and brake system as a whole solution. Currently, Junxiang group is the leader of passenger and commercial vehicle control cable and sealing products in China.

Now, Junxiang group is operating IATF16949: 2016 system which provides a solid basis for quality control, Junxiang has "XINCHENG" "RUBEST" two independent own brands. By more20 years of development, Junxiang quality has been gone abroad, service coverage world wide and continue to improve, to become the worlds outstanding suppliers of automotive parts.